We are doing maintenance our own products of OAS below.

Decall CC.CRM     ※For Detail

(Call Center System)

  • Collaboration with Gokigen Counter (Visibility of Operator’s Emotions)
  • Automatic display of answer cases of inquiry content (automatic search function)
  • Supports multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

Myanmar engineers maintain call center package system that are used in Japan a lot.


Gokigen Reception   ※For Detail

(Reception System)

  • Visitors can be seen by video call using LAN line (video call function)
  • Cooperation with extension phone using analog line (call origination function)
  • Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese are installed as standard. Windows support language is also available (multilingual support)
  • Extensive Maintenance Function

We have plan to maintain and manage OAS package products other than the above in the future.

Please contact us for consultation on maintenance of packaged products other than OAS.